Good morning folks.

After some consideration and a general lack of confidence in certain media outlets, along with what can only be described as a complete political character assassination, I've decided to do some blogging to bring the truth to the people of the Ross Valley regarding their underground sewer system, and the people who are charged with maintaining and repairing it.  Certainly, some will argue that I'm not wise for doing this as it is not conducive to remaining employed.  But those folks fail to understand what is going on, and how working here has affected me.  If writing the truth costs me my job, then I'll leave with the knowledge that I did what was right.

So where to begin?  I was hired in October of 2008 to become the General Manager of the Ross Valley Sanitary District.  When I was hired I was given several goals which I have worked hard to accomplish.

1.  Move the District offices off of CMSA (Your sewer treatment plant) property and out of trailers and into real offices worthy of a 110 year old sewer business, and work to prevent CMSA from taking over District operations and management.

2.  Build an industry leading sewer maintenance business.

3.  Create a local water testing program.

4.  Create a "private" lateral grant program to assist homeowners with fixing their private sewer pipe.

5.  Build a sustainable capital pipe replacement program which solves the catastrophic and dangerous condition of the Ross Valley's sewer pipes.

6.  End the 8 years of dispute regarding 2000 Larkspur Landing Circle - A story in itself.

7.  And, implement an effective public outreach program.

Through the course of trying to meet these goals, I've witnessed the most amazing corruption, dishonesty, social manipulation, fraudulent reporting, and character assassination campaign that one could believe.

Through the use of this blog I'm going to bring these issues to you one thought at a time.  In the end, what you choose to do with them is your responsibility.  I will say this, there is a habitual practice here in Marin of painting white and black stripes on a horse and calling it a zebra.